My take is.. JEWELRY. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. The name is Mazel Higa. I have been making and creating all my life, and thanks to the internet, I am able to share this with the world!! My process in creating has and always has been, creating without a process. Every piece is a fortunate accident. I only hope that my pieces derail the straight road, and create a curve where we will see that in every piece of ordinary, lies a lil something extra. www.mayzani.com --     Let's be FACEBOOK Friends! Official PayPal Seal bloglovin

Pix from the first Palauan Night Market I did.  I didn’t have any of my tools yet, so I made jewels with scraps of fabric belonging to my Grandma.  We sold nearly all of them, and people were so enticed by the fact that they were made with fabric.  It was a good time!  Thank you to my baby sister, who reminds me that I’m getting old everyday, for being the best helper ever!  I love you sissy! 

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