My take is.. JEWELRY. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. The name is Mazel Higa. I have been making and creating all my life, and thanks to the internet, I am able to share this with the world!! My process in creating has and always has been, creating without a process. Every piece is a fortunate accident. I only hope that my pieces derail the straight road, and create a curve where we will see that in every piece of ordinary, lies a lil something extra. www.mayzani.com --     Let's be FACEBOOK Friends! Official PayPal Seal bloglovin

MAYZANI - “Carly” These earrings were made with coconut shell and chicken feathers.. yes… chicken feathers.. and NO I did not kill a chicken for them.. the poor chicken died of natural causes.. and I thought I’d give it’s life meaning.. All materials are completely cleaned before use.. i promise!

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